How we work/ All you need to know about us

We develop tailored solutions for your data intensive computational needs, using the latest tools and techniques.

How we work

The focus of our company is in the development of customized computational solutions using the latest tools and techniques. Our work relies on 4 pillars:

Open Source Technology

We build our solutions on top of software packages created the collaboration of by millions of users.
Our customized open source solutions offer you the best of both worlds.
We are able to avoid unnecessary fees to third party propietary software vendors.


Protection of your data from attackers is of the highest importance to us.
Over a decade of experience in network level and software level security.
We utilize the best encryption methods in the industry.

Efficient use of available computing resources

We maximize your computational power, often sub-used.
Whether you have high end or commodity hardware, our computing clusters will be able to get the most computing power out of each individual box.

Low level programming

By getting close the core of the operate systems, the kernel, we are able to optimize our software for high speed processing ANSI C and assembly language.

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