Our team/ Our research and development team is composed of five people

Our cross functional team combines experience in areas as diverse as Non-conventional Database design, financial risk monitoring, mathematical modeling and scientific computing, Education and technologies in teaching and academic management. This diverse combination of skills and experience allow us to provide you with unique solutions that meet and exceed your expectations.

Thiago da Silva

Thiago began his career as a network administrator in the early 2000’s. Due the necessity to monitor and control the basics processes in the network, safety and data transmission, he began to develop with ANSI C and Assembly to close near the kernel of the Windows and UNIX operating systems . In the middle of the first decade he moved to the scientific life, to study and to understand better the process of the life. The conciliation of scientific models with operate system and hardware have given him the developing of software to process/analyse the problems efficiently!

Thiago holds post graduate course in Astronomy from Universidade Federal de Itajubá (Brazil).

Pablo Torre

Over the years he has been involved in many different roles related to the financial industry, both in the front and the back office. Whether he was trading a propietary account, or managing the risk for a large hedgefund holding thousands of simultaneous positions, or designing trading systems that operate 24×6 executing trades in exchanges around the world. While working on these roles he held FINRA licences for operating as a Series 7 Securities Representative, Series 24 Securities Principal and Series 4 Options Principal. This has given him a unique combination of experience several aspects of the technology, risk management, operations, and regulation of financial markets.

Pablo holds a bachelor degree in business administration from Universidad Latina (Costa Rica).

Marcelo Fonte Boa

Since the 1980’s Marcelo works as a physics teacher in various levels and since 2006 he is also a school principal. At the same time he has worked with process analysis and solutions development in different areas, both for academia and business. He conducts research in education with an emphasis on innovative projects related to teaching technologies and academic management.

Marcelo is a physicist with post graduate studies in Computer Science and a Master degree in Education from Universidade Federal Fluminense (Brazil).

Arnaldo Borges

Arnaldo works in business analysis, database management and also as a computer science teacher;

He is mathematician with MBA in local networks and data modeling from Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Alberto Jatobá

He has over 25 years of experience in logistics HR management and supply controls for many units in the Brazilian public sector, where he worked modelling solutions and developing systems for process management for large scale controls. Since 2006 he moved to the private sector in management and business development with technological bias.

He was Quartermaster Officer of the Navy of Brazil (retired) and has a Master degree in Sciences by the Navy.

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