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We develop solutions tailored to you, focused on low level implementations close to the core of the operating system, ensuring the efficient use of computational resources. Thus, we have many possibilities to meet your needs.

We build our solutions on top of the same open source technology as many of the world leading exchanges.
Our team has experience with the design of trading systems that today operate around the clock executing transactions in stock exchanges around the world.
In an industry where every microsecond counts, our low level programming is able to deliver you the minimum processing latency on all your transactions.
Our cluster technology is able to get you every drop of performance even from legacy hardware.


Whether you manage a public sector or private sector school, our educational solutions will help you get control of all aspects of your operation. From the your school’s accounting and HR needs to the remote assignment of homeworks and automated delivery of grades to parents, or even the implementation of inverted classrooms and the use of MOOC resources in your curriculum.
The implementation of our solutions can be done by modules, distributed over time, allowing you to take your school into the 21st century, while remaining inside your budget constraints.

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